The owners of the company Paris and Vasilis Giannikos who are designers and creators of the models of the X-TRIM, began with the initial target that the models of the company should give to the public something that was missing for many years from the labor market of inflatable boats ,meaning unprecedented quality of cruising with very low consumption and high speed, which is achieved due to the fact of the vendibility firstly of the original design because they used high computer technology the SILICONGRAPHICS and secondly due to constant and laborious sea trials with prototypes vessels of every model that came into production. After achieving the initial goal, much emphasis was given on the excellent quality of the construction and finishing of the models of the company and that‘s why the final product quality we believe is among the best of the market today.

With After Sale service of the company at an excellent level of response to the client plus a particular emphasis on electrical installation of the vessels, we believe that a selection of X-TRIM models would be for the concerned customer what we call «The best buy».
Patents from the National Industrial Property for designing the hull Hammer Hull Series number: 1004077
Certificate draft Industrial Property Organization for the design of the deck number: 6001445
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