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At the 31th International Boat Show, the X-trim presented the new model X-TRIM 31 Americana. Potential buyers loved it and there were many reasons that characterized the vessel as the best proposal for this year’s Boat Show. A boat based on its hull, the deck with a few changes and indoors of 31 Cruiser with a completely different design and different construction and lay out , and all of the above at the price of 68.500 €.

We like most of our friends who visited the booth of X-trim that is an alternative for all those who wanted to buy several smaller vessels at the same price, as well as those who wanted to buy decimetre habitable in the same category the Americana but with a lot more money.

Above all, this vessel offers the best performance at sea and therefore we urge our customers to try it before buying.

The 28 Racer which we also report presented this time double machine with many knots top speed.
Also Racer will be in our premises ready soon with the new lay out , no cabin but with a corner sofa and rear center console with toilet.

Finally, the receipt of new small Arrow and presentation in the salon showed us how easily someone can buy an inflatable, reliable, high security, with only 6.000 € and go for the Greek sea.

The X-TRIM is also planning a major event in the sea, so that what they saw in the showroom to be able to view it at sea.
The date will be posted on our website.