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ON Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th of September a manifestation of Chios Group Inflatable Boats and X-TRIM company was held in Chios port.
On Saturday morning the X-TRIM had a 31 Cruiser boat in the port of Chios and the members and friends of the Group had the opportunity to try it out in a time of 4 Beaufort and see the boat inside and out in all its details . On the same day, at 20:00 in the evening ,at the hotel Chandris was the presentation of the company’s vessels.
A discussion followed where members and friends of the group chatted with deputies of the company details for vessels and general construction and design issues.
The two-hour debate extremely helped the efforts of our company to communicate with our customers and friends.
The next day in the morning when the weather was much closer to the goals of the company and the tests we wanted to do [6-7 beaufort ]we had all the opportunity to see the boat in real environment. So several rides slow and fast took place, where the vessel was able to show its skills in bad weather.
We thank the Group of Inflatable boats of Chios island and all its members for the incredibly warm hospitality, for the perfect organization and all the help you have given us this two-day event.
Thank you one by one the members of the Group that met in person for their kind words and their help. Especially Mr. George Misetzi who cared for initial contacts and consultations as well as the chairman of the group, Mr Xydas Chris and his wife Lady Helen for the constant presence throughout the duration of the event.

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