All vessels X-TRIM is designed in computers of SILICON GRAPHICS  by a number of design programmes, shipbuilding, simulation and photorealistic imaging [photorealistic 3D].
But this is not enough to have a good boat at sea.
That is why we live within our boats over the years and we also hear the advice of our customers. So our boats have improved at all levels of the original design and are developing year by year. The original design, however, aided by the simulation programs allowed us the first boat we constructed at least  on hull design, to be excellent. So from the first time was established as a boat with excellent quality in sailing.
The design of the deck has allowed 31 CRUISER have larger internal dimensions of all vessels in its class. The layout is absolutely naval and for the Greek travel data. The interior of our vessels are more spacious and offer naval stay top in class. The design of the entire board has been established in Greece as the World organization and industrial property rights too. 3_2


why_28_sec The main goal of our company is the safety of vessels at all levels. The powerful recipes with sophisticated materials care so that the static efficiency and durability in all conditions of the vessel to be beyond all expectations and even our own. This was verified in 3 accidents vessels encountered and came entirely on the rocks and then the detachment was in seaworthy condition.
Another important safety issue is electrical. It is known that such a vessel because it is inflated, the only case to sink completely is fire.
So the X-TRIM has given great importance to the construction of electric. The quality of the cables, their thickness, the adhesion with solder terminals, cover them with a heat shrinkable material together with incombustible casing substantially eliminates the fire. Finally, automatic fire fighting is always present where needed.
The third and final issue is the safety and design quality of the balloons. The balloons made ​​of excellent materials is bitten by the same boat so even if it peel off and can not leave. But if this is done after the vessel internal impingement is a normal plastic boat that can sail all times without balloons.
Crowning of all this attention according which we make ​​our boats is the lifetime warranty because we believe there is no better way to confirm the perfect workmanship.


It is our strong point. All the planning board has the ultimate aim of a safe and comfortable ride. Our boats are truly weatherproof and therefore almost all magazines tests have been done with strong weather up to 8 beafort.
The cruise on its own is not sufficient to have a very good boat. The economy is a big factor.
Especially nowadays where the issues of energy and pollution is very important, the X-TRIM offers boats with high performance, low fuel consumption and emissions.
It is no coincidence that the magazine INFLATABLE featured 28 Racer as the first eco inflatable. And how could it not be when the vessel length 9,10m width 3.00 m and weight 2,5ton the machine and fluids only burns 1L / M at a speed of 30 knots.
Respectively 31 Cruiser as the 31 Open-Cabin is unique in their class vessels weighing up to 5.5 which run with single engines which suggests how little energy the X-TRIM’s need to move. why_31_sailing


why_cons The pricing of the X-TRIM aims to be the best buy in its money [best buy].
We offer very high quality boats at prices below average category. something any person can see at a market research.
It is a myth that the X-TRIM are expensive.


life_time-guarantee [SECURITY COMMISSIONER OF LIFE] for all plastic parts
10_years_tv [10 YEAR WARRANTY] equipment for balloonS
3_years_tv [3 years] for the electrical installation
Only the X-TRIM can give such a guarantee because we are confident of the quality of construction. At global level, X-TRIM pioneers in coverage offered by the guarantees. So the After Sales Service acquires another dimension. We are always with you for anything that occurs so that the vessel is always new and functional.


tests The X-TRIM introduces an innovative way of testing so that the client has a very clear picture of what you buy.
For this reason we accept the challenge to meet in the sea at the same time and in the same place for a comparative test with any other vessel selected by the person even greater than ours.
We believe in what we do and we prove it …